Old Adobe Photoshop CS2 Available FREE

Adobe has made an old version of Photoshop CS2 available for free...that's right FREE! You can download a copy here. Note that the installation process requires a serial number. Adobe has provided one on the download page under the Publisher's Description section. This free version is available for Windows and Mac computers.

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Photoshop CS2 does have Adobe Camera Raw version 3.7 (Process Version 2010) available for developing raw images. Since it is an old version, it will not recognize the raw files from your new digital camera. This is not a problem. You just need to download and install the free (there's that word again) Adobe DNG Converter here. Scroll down the page to just before the comments section to find the download link. Use the DNG converter software to change your camera's original raw files into Adobe's DNG raw format. Then you can use Camera Raw in Photoshop CS2 to edit your images.

Adobe Camera Raw version 3.7
Adobe DNG Converter window

I think this is a great deal for beginning photographers or those on a budget! You get all the essential power of Photoshop (especially Curves) for free. This is even better than using Photoshop Elements, though the learning curve is steeper.