2016 Spring Classes in Missoula

I am offering five photography classes through the Lifelong Learning Center in Missoula, MT. Courses begin the first week of March and run into early May. Below is a list of courses along with brief descriptions. Click here to register. Let me know if you have any questions.

Pen & Ink
  • Getting to Know Your DSLR Camera
  • Mastering Manual Exposure
  • Better Photo Composition
  • Photos in a Series
  • Better Photos Using Live View

Getting to Know Your DSLR Camera
Discover the power of your digital SLR camera in this introductory course. Learn about different exposure modes and when to use them for better focus and exposure in your pictures. Explore different types of lenses and the effects they create in your pictures. Understand the various autofocus settings available and when to use them or switch to manual focus. Find out about megapixels, histograms and JPEG vs. Raw file formats. You'll walk away with the skills to make the most of your advanced camera. Bring your camera and instruction book with you to every class. Prerequisite: None

Locked Out

Mastering Manual Exposure
(formerly Mastering Your Digital Camera)
Take charge of your pictures by learning to set the exposure controls yourself. In this advanced class, you learn to master manual exposure using the camera’s built-in light meter and the shutter, aperture and ISO controls. Learning to use manual exposure gives you complete creative control over the appearance of your images under any lighting conditions. NOTE: You must have an interchangeable lens camera (digital or film) with manual controls for shutter, aperture and ISO to take this course. Prerequisite: Familiar with operating your camera in automatic modes

Afternoon Tea

Better Photo Composition
Improve your pictures using simple composition techniques for better photographs. Learn how getting closer to your subject, shooting from different angles, and including lines, shapes and patterns can enhance your pictures. Prerequisite: None 

Alternate Landscape

NEW!  Photos in a Series
Too often we take just one shot of a subject and move on. Or we think that if we create one good photo from an afternoon of shooting we are “done.” This approach often leaves a story or idea incomplete. Nearly every photographic situation has more than one right photographic answer. In this class you explore a variety of topics and share multiple images illustrating them, instead of just one. Challenge yourself to explore more photo compositions of your chosen subject and see what you can create. Included is a demonstration of ways to combine related photos in one file using photo editing software. Prerequisite: Comfortable with using any digital camera, including phone cameras

Kiery's Mom

NEW!  Better Photos Using Live View
Live view is not just for recording video in your digital camera. In this class you learn how the live view feature can help with your still photos by improving manual focus, controlling depth of field, fine-tuning composition, and guaranteeing accurate focus and color. Bring your camera and a tripod to the class for a hands-on experience of Live View. Prerequisite: Familiar with manual exposure on interchangeable lens cameras

Infrared Leaves