Troubleshooting Lightroom

I recently read a blog post that lists several steps you can take to solve problems with Lightroom. These helpful suggestions were posted by Victoria Brampton, aka The Lightroom Queen, on her blog.
  1. Reboot Lightroom, and possibly your computer.
  2. Optimize the Lightroom catalog.
  3. Check for updates to Lightroom, any drivers for your monitor or graphics card and system updates as well.
  4. Reset Lightroom's preferences. Now there's a keyboard shortcut to accomplish this: on Windows hold Alt+Shift and start Lightroom; on Mac hold Option+Shift and start Lightroom.
  5. Test Lightroom by creating a new catalog. (This is ONLY a test.)
  6. Rule out corrupted presets and fonts.
  7. Try a clean user account.
  8. Check for hardware & operating system problems.
  9. Ask for help on the Lightroom forums:
You can read the full details of these suggestions in Victoria's post.