Register for Spring Classes in Missoula

My March-April 2018 camera classes at the Lifelong Learning Center in Missoula, Montana, are now open for registration. I have revamped some favorites and created all new classes on specific subjects. All last one day or no more than four weekly sessions to better fit in with your busy schedule. I'll have descriptions and example photos in future blog posts as well as on my web site. In the meantime, here's a list to spark your imagination!

Great light enhances this sunset over the Mission Mountains, Montana

If you are new to your camera or digital photography in general, consider these courses:
  • NEW! Fast Track Digital Photography (a 1-day overview of digital photography)
  • NEW! Digital Camera Basics (an introduction to automatic settings in an afternoon)
  • Getting to Know Your Digital SLR Camera (how to move off Auto with your camera in 1 day)
  • Mastering Manual Exposure (take control of exposure in 1 day) 
Young cowboys at the Augusta Rodeo, Montana

If you want to get better at photographing your favorite subjects, check out these classes:
  • NEW! Photographing the Moods of Water (3 sessions including a photo shoot)
  • NEW! Photograph in Any Light (5 sessions including a sunset shoot)
  • NEW! Ways to Make Better Photographs (a composition course)
  • Hands-on People Photography(2 sessions including a photo shoot and critique)
Crashing waves along the Oregon coast

If you want to have fun editing pictures, these sessions may be of interest. Both are taught using Photoshop Elements, a powerful, inexpensive editing program from Adobe that does not require a subscription:
  • NEW! Creating Digital Cards and Posters (4 sessions)
  • NEW! Restoring Old Photos (4 sessions)
Old faded prints can be restored to color and sharpness with editing software

I hope to see you in class!