Fill the Frame to Focus Your Message

When we're taking pictures, looking through the viewfinder creates a dark tunnel in which we see only our subject. As we concentrate on our subject, we often fail to notice all the "extra" stuff in the scene. The tighter you can frame your shot and the more you can eliminate as unnecessary, the clearer your message to your viewers will be.

A tangle of fishing floats and rope

While walking along the pier in a harbor, I was attracted by these fishing floats. But my first picture is very chaotic.

Floats with net

In my second shot, I decided to contrast the smooth floats with the tangled fishing net. It's better but there is too much empty space in the center.

Floats with net II

In my third shot, I zeroed in on just a couple floats. The rope they were attached to creates a triangle which contains the eye and gives meaning to the central space.