Get the Most From Your Tripod

In a previous post, I provided some suggestions on tripod features when you go shopping. Once you have a tripod, there are some tips that make using one easier.

A tripod was essential for this 30 second sunset photo along the Oregon coast.
Determine your camera position first, then set up the tripod. If you don't, you're likely to shoot from the place you first set the tripod, which might not be the location for the strongest composition.

Spread the tripod legs wide for the most stability and position one leg pointing away from you. This creates space between the other two legs for you to stand without tripping over them.

Pointing one tripod leg away from you makes room
to stand between the remaining legs without tripping.

Avoid extending the center column. Your camera is less steady on one "leg" than it is resting on three. (The best way to prevent this problem is to buy a tripod that's tall enough without the center column.)

Be sure to loosen the tripod head controls before positioning your camera. Otherwise, you may start to unscrew the camera from the tripod itself.

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