Photographing Indoor Sports

Photographing your kids playing basketball, volleyball, hockey, or swimming is a challenge, especially for simple point-and-shoot cameras. There is not much light indoors, the lighting is a strange color and everyone is moving quickly.

You can increase your chances of getting an acceptable photo by changing a few settings on your camera:
  • Switch from complete Auto to Program (P) mode. This lets you change some of the settings to work better inside.
  • Turn off the flash. The players are too far away for light from the flash to reach them.
  • Set the ISO to Auto or a high number like 1600. This helps the camera "see" better in the dim light.
  • Set the White Balance to Auto or Fluorescent. You can check which option gives you better color by taking a test photo and playing it back.
  • Change to Continuous Drive or Burst mode. This causes the camera to take a series of photos in quick succession as long as you hold down the shutter button. Then you can select the best frame from the series later.
 If all these choices feel overwhelming, try using the Sports Scene setting instead of regular Auto. It makes many of the same choices for you.

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