No More Map Module in Old Versions of Lightroom

As of November 30, 2018, because of a change Google made, the Map module no longer works in Lightroom versions 4-6, Lightroom CC v. 2015.x, and Lightroom Classic CC v. 7.x. Depending on which version of Lightroom you are using, you will receive a different message if you try to use the Map module. See the chart on Adobe's support page for the details.

Error message when accessing the Map module in Lightroom v. 6

Adobe has fixed the problem with the Map module in version 8.x of Lightroom Classic CC. This is a subscription version of the software, so you would need to upgrade if you want access to the Map features and are using one of the older versions. If you already subscribe to Lightroom, then installing the free update to version 8.x of Lightroom Classic CC will repair the issue.

If you don't want to upgrade to the subscription model, you may want to hide the Map module from the Module Picker. You can do so by PC: right-clicking / Mac: Ctrl-clicking in an empty area of the top panel and then unchecking Map from the menu.

For more information on this change, see Laura Shoe's post here.