The Powerful Work of Photojournalists

Disclaimer: I am not offering a political position here; I'm sharing this as a teaching experience for my photography students. 

In today's edition (December 7, 2018) of the New York Times newspaper (I have an electronic subscription) are two powerful offerings, especially for photographers. You may have seen the picture of a severely malnourished Yemeni girl on social media sites or television. The paper wrote "Why We Are Publishing Haunting Photos of Emaciated Yemeni Children" to explain their decision.

The Times also offers The Daily podcast in which Michael Barbaro interviews Tyler Hicks, the senior photographer for The Times who took the image. The podcast offers meaningful insight to the experience of photographing the helpless, voiceless people of our world.

I highly recommend reading the short article, taking the time to listen to the podcast, and viewing the photographs. The images are hard to look at, but they provide a voice for those suffering without one.