Photos in a Series -- Shape

Too often we take just one shot of a subject and move on. Or we think that if we create one good photo from an afternoon of shooting, we are "done." This approach often leaves a story or idea incomplete. Nearly every photographic situation has more than one right photographic answer.

There are numerous topics that can be the seed of a series. Over the next couple posts, I'll share some ideas. Today's topic is circle. The challenge is to find as many different subjects that illustrate the idea "circle" as possible.

Note that any camera and/or photo editing techniques (such as cropping to a square) can be used separately or in combination to produce the effect you want in the series.

Once you have a seed idea, like a specific shape, you have a way to overcome that "I don't know what to shoot" feeling. Just grab one of your series ideas already in progress and start photographing to add to it.

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