Photos in a Series -- Subject Theme

All of us have favorite subjects we like to photograph. It might be birds or other wildlife, cultivated or wild flowers, old buildings or distinctive people. If you look through your collection of images, you might be surprised to find how many times you have taken pictures that match a similar theme.

Selecting one of these subjects or picking a new idea is one way to develop a series of related images. I recommend creating at least three variations of your subject before you consider it a series. The more pictures you can add to it, the stronger your series becomes. Continuing to shoot the same subject means you can select the strongest compositions and exposures, thereby increasing the impact of your series.

I particularly enjoy photographing in the fog and I love trees. So I have many examples of trees in fog.

Trees in Fog

I also like photographing the grills, headlights and hood ornaments of old cars. In this series, I applied the posterize filter in Photoshop (and Photoshop Elements) to accentuate the colors in the vehicles.

Car Grills

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