Rescuing a Bad Photo

All of us make mistakes when we're taking pictures. Sometimes we're rushing and don't pay attention to our camera controls. The result can be a photo that's too dark, has an unwanted color cast or is crooked. Learning how to edit photos yourself gives you the ability to correct these problems and rescue a photo you like.

Before (left) and after (right) correcting the color, exposure and straightening
1/180 sec, f/6.7, ISO 100, 43mm

In the example here, I had been photographing inside under artificial light and was using tungsten (incandescent) white balance. When I went outside to continue taking pictures, I forgot to change the white balance back to daylight. As a result, my photo of a placque of the Virgin Mary is too blue and too dark as well as being slightly crooked.

Using the basic tools in Adobe Photoshop Elements, I was able to fix these problems and greatly improve the image. Even if you use a different photo editing program, learning which tools affect what in your photo can help you improve your shots.

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