Clyde Butcher on the Handmade Print

Blackfoot-Clearwater Wildlife Management Area, Montana

Since the advent of digital photography and cell phone cameras, few people today print their photos. Clyde Butcher, a black and white photographer based in Florida and famous for his images of the Everglades, still works with film and an enlarger in the wet darkroom. In the video below, he gives a wonderful explanation of the process and his philosophy behind printing.

While I now print using inkjet printers, I agree that these prints are not the same as silver prints; that does not mean inkjet prints can't be good, though! [grin]

Black & white proof prints

I encourage all photographers to try putting their images on paper. Whether that is a print to hang on a wall or put in a table-top frame, or a collection of images in a book or album, the photographs will have a different feel, often because they are bigger than you've seen them on your phone! Many online photo lab options are available. Pick a reputable business, such as Mpix, Bay Photo or F11 Photo the Print Refinery (in Bozeman, Montana), for the best results.