Bannack Infrared Views #1

Cabin and Cottonwood Tree
Bannack State Park, Montana
Infrared Converted Camera

On my recent visit to Bannack State Park, I took along a digital camera I had converted to capture black & white infrared images. (LifePixel did the conversion.) A ghost town seemed a good subject for the somewhat ghostly images from this camera. It's also a good way to keep shooting in the middle of the day because infrared radiation from plants, and the lack of it in the sky, is strongest under direct sunlight.

The raw images come out of the camera with a strong red cast, so I set the camera Picture Style to Monochrome. That makes the preview on the back of the camera a black and white version that's easier to judge composition. And I use a Develop module preset in Lightroom Classic to automatically apply a black & white (monochrome) camera Profile during the Import process.

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