Around the House

Since many of us are now confined to our homes (or even a room if under quarantine) for safety during the COVID-19 pandemic, I thought I would share some ideas for making pictures under these circumstances. Despite being limited to our houses, it's that very limitation that can inspire a whole series of rewarding photographic challenges. I have made images in my home for years, and I'll be sharing examples of these in the coming days to provide some creative inspiration.

I have also been inspired by a book of black and white film photographs by British photographer Andrew Sanderson called Home Photography: Inspiration on your doorstep. After he had children, he shared care-taking duties with his wife, which had him stuck at home three days a week instead of able to go to his studio. He approached this as a challenge: what could he make pictures of while still watching over his kids? The results are wonderful images of light and shadow, shallow focus toys, and shadows on walls and curtains. In addition to the ideas I'll post in the coming days, you might find a used copy of this book for inspiration.