Fundamentals of Composition #2

Old fence and barn
Frenchtown, Montana
". . . compelling photography is . . . not about the content! Compelling photography is about the arrangement of content."  --- Bryan Peterson

How we arrange the content in our photographs is a combination of

a) where we place the camera relative to our main subject,
b) which focal length lens we select to include or exclude specific items, and
c) how we position the subject within the frame.

In this photograph I stood so the camera could see the fence rails and the gravel drive curving together, leading toward the barn in the distance. A normal focal length lens let me exclude the house out of frame on the left and include the two bare willow trees in the right background. And I adjusted my framing so that the barn fell on the upper left power point of the Rule of Thirds. All these things were choices I worked out visually before I pressed the shutter button to take the picture.

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