Tim Grey Teaches Lightroom Classic Online LIVE

Lightroom Classic Develop Module for editing images

Many of you are interested in learning more about how to make effective use of Lightroom Classic to organize and edit your photos. In this time of #StayHome and #SocialDistancing, Tim Grey is offering an 8-session course presented live online in April, 2020. Participants will be able to ask questions during the presentations and download the video recordings to review later. Here is information from Tim Grey and links to both courses as a bundle or individual classes, if you prefer.

Note I do not receive any compensation for recommending Tim's presentations --- just supporting another photographic educator in this challenging time.

Live Online Workshops on Lightroom Classic
During the month of April I'll [Tim Grey] be teaching two online workshops, with one focused on organizing photos in Lightroom Classic and the other on optimizing photos in Lightroom Classic. Each of these workshops features four live online sessions, with the opportunity to get your specific questions answered during the sessions or via email. If you're interested in participating in both of these online workshops, you can get a discount on the bundle and learn more by using this link to get started:
If you're only interested in the online workshop that will help you get your photos organized in Lightroom Classic, you can learn all about this workshop here:
If you're interested in participating in only the online workflow focused on optimizing your photos, you can get all of the details here: