Around the House - By Window Light #3

Food in Orange

Food is another subject that lends itself to window light photography. The light coming from the side or the back enhances the textures of the food and provides the right color balance (white balance) to make the food look appealing.

I was about to sit down to my lunch one day when I noticed that everything I had selected was orange! This called immediately for a camera. I experimented with different arrangements of the cup, plate, bowl and oranges until I liked the result. Then I shot straight down on the scene. I also intentionally cropped all four edges, which encourages the viewer to finish the shapes.

Pay attention to the table covering as well as the dishes in your food shots. Make sure they complement your food. Here the off-white dishes and place mat create a neutral background and help the orange stand out. See what you already have in your cupboards that will set off your next meal.