Adobe Camera Raw Update Changes Interface

New Adobe Camera Raw version 12.3 Screen

If you subscribe to the Photography Plan from Adobe that includes Photoshop, be aware that the latest updates from Adobe released on June 15, 2020, include a major appearance upgrade for Adobe Camera Raw (ACR), the plug-in that lets you edit raw files from Photoshop (or Bridge). The upgrade changes the ACR interface to a dark color ala Lightroom Classic and rearranges the adjustment tabs and tools along the side ala Lightroom (cloud-based). If you prefer the "traditional" ACR look and arrangement and you do not need the support for new cameras included with the update, you may want to avoid applying this Camera Raw update.

Old Adobe Camera Raw version 12.2 Screen

For more information see this link from Julieanne Kost.

NOTE: This post has been updated on June 21, 2020, with a link to a more detailed description of the new Camera Raw appearance.