Learning to Use Adobe Camera Raw 12.3

Adobe Camera Raw 12.3 Interface

If you updated your copy of Adobe Camera Raw (ACR) to the June 2020 version, you may have been startled by the completely new interface. Here are two videos that go over the new layout and updates to several of the tools.

What's New in Adobe Camera Raw 12.3 (June 2020) by f64 Academy
This video is quite complete and goes into the most depth of the two I'm sharing here. He does miss a couple things, but it's well worth the watch.

This video hits some of the changes that the f64 Academy one missed, such as the new Center overlay for the Crop tool.

It's well worth watching both videos if you are new to ACR, or if you want to know what the new version looks like before committing to the update.

Note that once you update to Camera Raw 12.3, if you want to go back to the old interface, you need to install the old version (12.2.1). I provide links to how to revert in this post.