Lightroom Classic Tools -- Spot Removal

Grain Elevator
Wilsall, Montana

If you shoot with a camera with interchangeable lenses, it's a fact of photography life that you will end up with dust spots on your sensor. These are particularly prominent in clear sky, such as that behind the grain elevator. Lightroom Classic has a remedy for "dust busting"---the Spot Removal Tool.

Dust spots mar the clear sky

Selecting the Spot Removal tool changes your cursor to two concentric circles. The inner circle is where the repair takes place and the outer circle is the "feather" or transition to help the repair blend in. Before using the tool, it's helpful to zoom in to 100% view (1:1) on the problem area. 

Then use the scroll wheel to adjust the size of the inner circle so it is slightly larger than the spot you want to remove. Click once and Lightroom Classic locates an appropriate clean area with which to replace the spot. Repeat as necessary until all the dust is gone.

Circles show where dust was removed

While you have the Spot Removal tool selected, Lightroom Classic shows circles where you've repaired the dust. Once you put the tool away, the circles disappear.

No more dust!

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