Enhance Your Smartphone Pictures with Lightroom Classic

Spring Window Decorations
Frenchtown Elementary School, Montana

While out for my daily walk around the neighborhood, I noticed that a classroom window that previously had a winter scene decorating it had suddenly "sprouted" flowers in anticipation of spring. Following the adage that the best camera is the one you have with you, I pulled out my smartphone to snap a couple frames. (See original below.)

Before editing with Lightroom Classic

To prevent my own reflection from appearing in the glass, I shot the painting from an angle using the camera in the Lightroom Mobile app. This automatically synched the pictures with my Lightroom Classic desktop catalog. Using Lightroom Classic's Develop module controls, I was able to straighten the photo as if I shot it head on. I also increased the contrast and saturation to bring out the vibrant colors in the cheerful painting.

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