Adobe Announces Updates for Lightroom Products

As Adobe has done in the past, today at the Adobe Max Conference (virtual & free) they announced new updates to Lightroom Classic, Lightroom (cloud) and Lightroom mobile (Android/iOS). There are several new features and bug fixes.

IMPORTANT -- If you have automatic updates enabled in your copy of either version of Lightroom (classic or cloud), the new version (v.11) will update your catalog and give you the chance to rename the new catalog. Also be aware that the new catalog (and its new features) are NOT backward compatible with older versions of Lightroom.

I recommend waiting a few days before updating your copy as there will be high demand on Adobe's servers and new bugs may surface.

IMPORTANT #2 -- System requirements for this latest catalog update have also changed. The Lightroom Queen details these in her blog posts referenced below.

Here is a link to Victoria Bampton's blog post on Lightroom Classic changes:

There is a separate post for Lightroom (cloud) here:

There are also updates to Photoshop. I will provide a link to information about them in a later post.