Changing Seasons #1

Golden Aspen Grove in Lifting Fog
Frenchtown, Montana

As October passed into November, the landscape in the valleys changed. In the next few posts, I'll share some pictures that illustrate the changing seasons. On this morning at the end of October, fog blanketed the land near the river. The aspen trees still held their golden leaves, creating a monochrome landscape.

To ensure a sharp image from near to far, I chose an aperture of f/16 and added one stop of exposure compensation to ensure the fog and leaves recorded as they appeared to me. With the camera attached to a sturdy tripod, I used the 2-second self-timer to take the picture, ensuring there was no camera shake. Learn how to make the pictures you envision by choosing the camera settings yourself. My 2022 photography classes are open for registration. Click here for a list of courses and sign-up information.