Quickly Reduce Hundreds of Frames to the Keepers in Lightroom Classic

Rejected and starred frames
Goldfinch on thistle


If you shoot sports, birds, wildlife, or any other subject where you take lots of frames to catch the best action, you end up with hundreds, maybe thousands, of photos. How do you efficiently scan through them to narrow down the pictures you actually want to edit and share?

In his video How to Go Through 1500 Photos in 15 Minutes, Matt Kloskowski demonstrates his own workflow to speed up the process so you can get to the "fun part" of editing your best frames. In his workflow, Matt makes use of the following Lightroom Classic features:

  • Choosing Embedded & Sidecar previews when importing
  • Using Shift+Click to select multiple images in a row
  • Pressing X to apply a Reject flag on unwanted images
  • Creating a Target Collection and typing the B key to add images to it
  • Pressing R which automatically switches to the Develop module and selects the Crop tool
  • Cropping in to check for sharpness
  • Pressing I to display the cropped image resolution
  • Typing G to return to the Grid view in the Library module
  • Filtering for rejected or unflagged pictures
  • Pressing Delete to remove unwanted frames from the collection

If you struggle with how to manage a huge number of pictures from your latest photo shoot, I think you will find Matt's video really helpful. I have no affiliation with Matt's business; I just wanted to share a helpful post with you.

P.S. You can apply a similar approach to managing lots of photos in Adobe Bridge (comes with Photoshop) or the Organizer in Photoshop Elements. Both have shortcuts for rejecting pictures; both support Collections (Albums in Elements); both let you filter the pictures based on rejected or not.