Seven Days of Holiday Cards #2

In 2009 I created this card using only the features in Lightroom Classic. I wrote the following description of how I made the card when I shared it on Google+. The steps still work if you want to make your own card. Enjoy!


I created this image using Lightroom's virtual copy feature to create the screened (lightened) background photo of a pine tree with cones. The motion effect of the foreground image was created in-camera of some artificial trees.

With both images in a collection, I used the Print module and the Custom Package layout style to create a cell for the background and a second overlapping cell for the foreground image. I added a stroke border to both images and used the Identity Plate feature to add the Christmas greeting.

Then I used the Print to JPEG option in the Print Job panel to create the web-sized file I'm sharing with you. I could just as easily have created a larger JPEG to upload to an online photo lab. But there wouldn't be time to send it before Christmas!