Make Your Own Poster with Lightroom Classic

Spinning Carnival Ride Poster
Western Montana Fair

Lightroom Classic's Print module lets you create inspirational posters using a single iconic image. After selecting a 16x20 paper size, I chose one of my all-time favorite pictures of a carnival ride to make this poster highlighting the local fair. I added the orange border around the image by selecting a color from the photo itself. Then I adjusted the bottom margin to give more room for a title and selected a western style font. I also used the same color for the type as I used for the border. Once you've created a design or layout that you like, you can save it as a template. Then it's easy to make a new poster by selecting a different image and adjusting the type and border to match.

You can learn more about saving your own print designs in Printing Photos with Lightroom Classic, an online class which begins March 17, 2022. Click here to register.