Seattle - Back in Time #1

Space Needle Abstract
Seattle, Washington

I made my first visit to Seattle, Washington, in 1992. I was just beginning my photographic journey and had a Minolta Freedom camera. It used 35mm film and my snapshots had a big jump in quality from my pocket instamatic that used 110mm film. Next month I'm returning to Seattle for the fourth time, so I thought I would share some of my historical photos. I hope I can improve on my early efforts, though some of these are not bad compositions.


Space Needle
Seattle, Washington

This is just an average snapshot of the Space Needle, but I did get a nice clean background.

Space Needle Framed
Seattle, Washington

 In this shot I got closer and framed the structure with bare branches. Nice, but I could do better.

My favorite shot remains the opening image, which I composed for the shapes the Space Needle creates.

Note: All the photos in the upcoming posts have been scanned from 35mm film or photo lab prints. If you view them larger, you may notice the grain from the 400 ISO negative film.