Changes to Save As in Photoshop

Lake Louise, Alberta, Canada

Among its recent updates to Photoshop, Adobe changed how you save files that might lead to some confusion. In the past, if you opened a picture in Photoshop and wanted to save a copy as a JPEG, you simply chose Save As from the File menu and selected JPEG from the Format / File Type list. However, in the latest Photoshop version, if your file is a 16-bit image or has layers, you won't find the option for JPEG available in the Format list. 

To get all the file type choices back, you need to change the Preferences for file handling.

  1. On Mac OS X go to Photoshop > Preferences > File Handling
    On Windows, go to Edit > Preferences > File Handling
  2. Next to Default File Location, check the box to Enable Legacy "Save As"
  3. Photoshop displays a warning message that it won't add the word "copy" to the file name, so be careful that you are not saving over your original file.
  4. Click OK to dismiss the message.
  5. Then click OK to close the Preferences window.

Change Photoshop's Save As Preference

Now when you choose File > Save As, Photoshop displays a complete list of file types to choose from.

Bonus Video

There are three other changes Adobe made to the way Photoshop now works compared to older, what Adobe calls "legacy," versions. These include the screen for a new document, the Home screen and how Free Transform scaling works. Colin Smith of Photoshop Cafe has a great video that explains how to get back the "old" way of creating new documents and scaling objects as well as fixing the Save As behavior. 

Following Colin's suggestions will return these Photoshop behaviors to the way they "used to work."