A New Year? Time to Update Your Copyright

New Year's Day, 2016
Frenchtown, Montana

If you use Adobe photo software and you make use of its ability to automatically add a copyright notice to your pictures, then the new year means it's time to revise your information to reflect 2024.

Victoria Bampton (aka the Lightroom Queen) has an article on how to do this for Lightroom Classic and Lightroom (cloud-based). Just enter the current new year 2024 and you'll be all set.

If you use Bridge to organize your pictures, you can update your copyright information by following these steps.

  1. Click the Tools menu.
  2. Select Edit Metadata Template.
  3. Choose your copyright template from the list.

(If you haven't saved your copyright info as a template, choose Create Metadata Template instead.) 

In the window that opens, expand the triangle next to IPTC Core. Then scroll to the bottom of the section for the copyright fields.

Expand the IPTC Core section

  1. Uncheck any boxes that are NOT copyright related.
  2. Check the boxes for Copyright Notice, Copyright Status, and Rights Usage Terms (optional). 
  3. Update the year in the Notice box.
  4. Be sure Status is Copyrighted (not Unknown).
  5. Click the Save button.
  6. Confirm that you want to Replace the template with the new information.

Update the year to 2024 in the Copyright Notice box

 Now you are ready for all the new images you'll create in 2024.