Speedy Searches in Lightroom Classic

Original Pet Pictures Flagged or Unflagged in All Photos
Adobe Lightroom Classic

How quickly could you find all your good pictures of a favorite pet on your computer? By adding a simple keyword  to your photos of your pet, then using the Text and Attribute features in the Library Filter bar, Adobe Lightroom Classic can sift through all the images in your catalog to give you results with lightning speed. 

Getting Lightroom Classic's catalog set up correctly and learning best practices to keep it working for you can be confusing. Join me for Getting Started with Adobe Lightroom Classic for help with both organizing and improving your favorite pictures using the Library and Develop modules. The course begins April 16, 2024, at the Lifelong Learning Center in Missoula, Montana. Both Mac and Windows computers are available in the classroom so you can feel comfortable with a familiar screen. Click here for details and registration info.

Important: This class uses Adobe Lightroom Classic, the version that relies on your own hard drive for storing your pictures.