How to Prevent Automatic Updates to Adobe Lightroom Classic

Are you an Adobe Lightroom Classic user?

Every time Adobe releases a new version of Lightroom Classic, a number of people are surprised when they try to open their catalog. They are told they must upgrade their catalog before Lightroom can open it. This happens because Automatic Updates are turned on by default for all applications you have installed.

To prevent Adobe updating your applications "secretly" (i.e. automatically, without your knowledge), you can turn off automatic updates. When auto updates are off, you receive a notification that an update is available. Then you get to decide when you will give Adobe permission to update your software.

Here's how to turn off automatic updates using the Adobe Creative Cloud app.

  • Open the Adobe Creative Cloud app.
  • On the right side, click on the Updates icon.
  • At the top right click on Manage Auto Updates.
  • If the Auto Update switch is turned on (blue) click to turn it off. This prevents Adobe from automatically updating any of your apps. 
  • When you receive a notification that an update is available, you return to this page and choose the app you want Adobe to update.
  • When you have updates set the way you prefer, you can close Creative Cloud and open Lightroom Classic.

If your Lightroom Classic has updated and you want to use the previous version, you use the Creative Cloud app to "revert" (go back to) the older version. See Victoria Bampton's web page on how to accomplish this.

Note that automatic updates occur for other applications in the Adobe Photography Plan subscription. When you turn off auto updates for everything, you will need to manually update any other applications you have installed, such as Photoshop, Bridge, and Camera Raw.