Move Closer

Weeping Cherry Tree Blossoms
University of Montana Arboretum, Missoula

After you've created a portrait of your blooming subject, move in closer to capture a detail shot. You don't need a macro lens; just place your camera close to a portion of the subject. Select an angle that provides an effective background. Here the tree trunk serves as a dark backdrop to offset the delicate flowers.

Be aware of your lens's minimum focus distance. If you get too close, the flowers will be out of focus and the background will be sharp.

Practice telling a story of your subject by showing it in its surroundings, by framing a portrait and by honing in on important details. You can learn more tips in Photograph Flowers on the UM Campus, beginning May 9, 2024, in Missoula, Montana, at the Lifelong Learning Center. All cameras including phones are welcome. Click here to register.