Share Pictures on Your Television

If you've ever tried to show several people your favorite shots on the back of your camera, you know it's hard for everyone to see the tiny image. You can display a much larger version of your photo if you use your television.

All digital cameras come with an AV (audio/visual) cable. On one end is a plug for the camera and on the other end are two different plugs (usually one yellow and one black) for the television. New televisions have connections for these plugs on the front of the set. Be sure the TV and your camera are turned off. Then plug in both ends of the cable.

Camera Connected to TV

Next, turn the television on and set it to Video. Turn on the camera and set it to Playback. Now the television screen acts like the screen on the back of your camera (which is blank). Use the camera controls to go forward and backward through the photos. You can also check your camera's menu (now displayed on the TV) for an "Auto Play" or "Slide Show" feature. This will automatically advance the pictures, making an instant slide show. When you're finished watching the pictures, turn off the camera and television before unplugging the cable.

Now the whole group can enjoy a big version of your favorite images!