Take Pictures at Night

Using any digital camera, you can take great photos at night. Just follow these three steps:
  1. Turn off the flash. This tells your camera to make the picture by recording the light that's already in the scene instead of making its own.
  2. Set your camera on a tripod or another steady support. The exposure will take a long time and you will get a blurry picture if you hold the camera.
  3. Use the self timer. If you jiggle the camera when you press the shutter button, the camera has time to settle down before it takes the picture.
To get the deep blue sky effect you see in this photo, wait to take your outside photo until 20-30 minutes after the sun has set. You can get a "blue" sky even on a cloudy evening.

If you'd like to delve deeply into night photography, check out these web sites: The Nocturnes and Lance Keimig's The Night Skye