Finding Good Stuff

The other day I received an email from a publisher promoting an excellent book about photojournalism which I already own: Photojournalism by Ken Kobre. Part of that email had some interesting information about a new piece of equipment (Kobre's Lightscoop, an accessory for better flash pictures). I clicked on the link and that took me to the product web site.

From there I followed a new link to Kobre's blog. And scanning through the recent entries, I came across a recommendation for an interesting article published in the New York Times by author David Pogue. (You might recognize his name as a frequent author of the Missing Manual series of books about computer software.) The piece contains some fairly original suggestions for getting better images from a compact (point & shoot) digital camera. You can read the article here. And you can read more technology tips on Pogue's blog.

This just goes to show how following links about interesting professional photographers can lead you to a whole new area of information.