100 Days in Glacier National Park

Mt. Reynolds, Logan Pass, Glacier National Park, Montana
In honor of Glacier National Park's centennial in 2010, photographer Chris Peterson, who runs Glacier Park Magazine and works for the Hungry Horse News weekly paper, decided to spend 100 consecutive days photographing in the park. He published a blog of his photos and will produce a special edition of the magazine. You can see some of his photos, read the captions detailing his adventures and learn more about his project at the links below.

Some of you might consider a project similar to this in your own area. It doesn't have to be a national park nor does it have to be 100 straight days. But any dedicated time spent photographing one subject yields photographs you wouldn't have made otherwise. My colleague John Snell has spent years photographing in Kentucky's Red River Gorge. His efforts have culminated in a book, Red River Gorge---The Eloquent Landscape, and three full-color calendars. Enjoy the adventure!