The Costco Connection with Adobe Photoshop Elements

Bannack State Park, Montana

Do you regularly use Costco's photo service for making prints of your digital pictures? If so, you may want to consider purchasing (or upgrading to) Photoshop Elements 9. According to Tim Grey's free Elements Weekly e-newsletter, if you buy a copy of Elements from Costco (and you must to get this feature), the program contains an option to order prints directly from Costco from inside Elements.

First, select the images you want to print. Then from the File menu, choose Order Prints and select the Costco option. You'll need to have an account at Costco to use this choice, but once it is set up, it makes ordering high-quality prints very easy.

I've ordered prints from my local Costco and been very happy with the results. And I've been using and teaching Elements since it came out. It's a powerful program for a very reasonable price ($99 retail). You can download a free trial (either Windows or Macintosh) to see what Elements 9 looks like from Adobe (though it will not contain the Costco print option).