The Height of Summer

Pushing up Poppies

A while back I posted an article that talked about photographing with a compact digital camera without looking at the screen or through the viewfinder. Well, I've been doing that again. It's a great way to turn the "lemon" of not being able to see an image on your camera's screen into "lemonade"!

I went out in the middle of the day to try my hand and camera at making good photographs in bright, midday light. I used several of the techniques listed in these articles. Since these are exactly the kind of conditions that make framing a picture with the LCD monitor difficult, I relied on "not looking" to make my photos. My goal was to make images that conveyed the feeling of dazzling bright light and the height of summer.

Swing Sunburst

To get sharp focus with my camera close to the subject, I turned on macro focusing (the little flower icon). And since I purposely was shooting into the sun, I used the fill flash (or forced flash) setting to reveal the details in the underside of the flowers.

I also set the camera to Aperture Priority exposure mode (A or Av on the exposure mode dial) and chose the largest number (for this camera f/8). In addition to helping keep everything in the image sharp, this also created the starburst effect when I included the sun in the frame.

Selphy Sun

Give these ideas a try and see what new images you can make!