Easily Combine Multiple Photos into One: Photo Joiner

If you want to easily combine multiple pictures into a collage (grid) or banner for your social media page, there are three free online sites that can accomplish this for you. All you need is your chosen photos and a fast internet connection for your web browser.

Multiple photos combined into one using PhotoJoiner.net
I learned about these services from a web article titled "3 Excellent Online Tools to Join Multiple Images Into a Single Image." The author recommends Photo Joiner, Fotor and Quick Picture Tools. I tested all three and have some suggestions to make using them easier. In part one, I describe using PhotoJoiner.net. Watch for reviews of the other web sites in the coming weeks.

Photo Joiner is the easiest site to use. It allows you to make a horizontal or vertical strip or a grid. When you click the Select Photos button, you can choose multiple pictures at once. Then you can click and drag the images to change their order. You can specify how wide the space is between pictures and change the color of the background from the default of white. Unfortunately, it requires that you know the hexadecimal code for the color you want! Here's a quick tip: for a black background use the characters "#00000". (Use the number zero, not the letter "oh.")

PhotoJoiner.net Layout Screen

When you're satisfied with the layout, click the Join Photos button. Photo Joiner combines the images and then allows you to save it to your computer or share on Facebook. If you want to make a new combination, just click on Photo Joiner at the top of the screen to clear the display.

Completed Collage on PhotoJoiner.net

Next week I describe how to use Fotor.com to combine multiple photos into one.