Easily Combine Multiple Photos into One: Fotor

Last week I reviewed one of three free web sites that let you easily combine multiple pictures into a strip or collage (grid). This week I continue the series with a description and tips for using Fotor.com.

Three images combined into a banner using Fotor.com

While Fotor has many more options for custom layouts, backgrounds, and text than last week's Photo Joiner, I found it confusing to figure out at first. The opening layout screen contains sample photos in a filmstrip on the right. If you want to use your own, start by clicking the Clear All button at the bottom of the strip. Then click the Import Photos icon at the top of the strip to select your pictures. You can import multiple images at once.

Fotor's Layout screen

In the left column choose the layout you prefer. A horizontal or vertical strip of three is the default setting, but you can choose more varied layouts by clicking on the top icon at the far left.

Even though there is only one empty box labeled "Drag photo here," you can add more than one picture. Drag the first image onto the box. When you drag the next image on the box, Fotor makes space for it until you have all your pictures arranged. Then you can adjust the amount of space around the images and whether or not you want rounded corners with the sliders on the left. Clicking on the Color & Texture button lets you pick a different color for the background.

Three image strip with rounded corners and a black background in Fotor

When you finish with your layout, use the far right icon above the combination to share your creation via social media such as Facebook and Pinterest. Use the icon second from the right to save your image.

Fotor opens a new window where you give your combination a name, save it as a JPG or PNG file, and set the quality. Fotor helpfully displays the file size as you select a quality setting. Then you can save to your computer, your Dropbox account or send it to your attached printer.

Fotor's Save dialog box

To create a new combination or start over, click the "original" icon above the image, just right of the undo/redo arrows. Once you figure out the interface, there is a lot of customization you can apply to your combination of images with Fotor.

Next week I review the last of these three web sites, Quick Picture Tools.