Creative Ideas --- Shoot from unusual angles

Most of us make the majority of our pictures from our standing height. It's quick, easy and can produce great images with good light and composition. But if you feel your pictures are becoming repetitious, try shooting from any height except standing. This change in perspective or point of view can produce unexpected, and therefore eye-catching, images.

Start by shooting from a very low position. Put your camera on the ground, in the grass, on a log. You don't have to look through the viewfinder or at the LCD for this.

Camera in the grass next to the mushroom


Then try photographing from a very high vantage point, such as out a plane or high rise window, from the top of a parking garage, a mountain peak.

Looking down from a cliff by the Pacific Ocean
Experiment with taking the picture without looking through the viewfinder or at the LCD. Hold the camera overhead or at your feet. You will be surprised how well you can frame a shot without looking.

Camera resting on a rock in the water;
shot without looking using the self-timer

Camera held below the flowers without looking

Next shoot looking up and looking down at various subjects. How does this change the feeling of the picture from shooting straight on?

Looking up at Pemaquid Point Lighthouse

Looking down without looking through the viewfinder

Don't forget to shoot from very close and very far from your subject.

Distant view

Closer view;
very close would be a section of the side of the grain storage bins

All these suggestions are just ways to break out of your normal routine and do something different. You'll likely get different photos as a result, and maybe discover a fun new way to create exciting pictures.