Correcting Multiple Images in Adobe Camera Raw

If you have a series of images all photographed under the same conditions, you can speed up your processing by applying the same set of corrections to a group of pictures in Adobe Camera Raw (ACR). I've illustrated the steps using ACR version 9 in Photoshop CC. But the same steps work in earlier versions of Camera Raw. You can also do this in Photoshop Elements.

Bannack State Park
Dillon, Montana


In the Bridge (or the Organizer in Elements), select several images all shot under the same conditions.

Raw images selected for processing

Choose File > Open in Camera Raw. (In Elements, click on the Editor button.)

All the images appear in a column along the left side of the Camera Raw window with the first photo highlighted.

Multiple photos opened in Camera Raw

Above the column of pictures, click the Filmstrip menu icon and choose Select All. (Elements has a Select All button instead.)

All opened images corrected

Make any corrections that you want to apply to all the images. In this case, I corrected the white balance to Daylight and applied Auto tone adjustments. The previews for all the pictures update to match the corrections in the first one.

Click Done to apply the changes and return to the Bridge (or the Organizer in Elements) without opening the pictures. The results appear in the thumbnails. You can also click Open to open the selected photos in Photoshop (or Elements Editor) for further work.

Corrected images in Bridge

This technique is especially helpful if you are working with a series of photos for focus stacking or building panoramas. Usually you would not do this if you are creating an HDR merge.