Fall 2017 Classes in Missoula Open for Registration

I'm happy to announce my fall camera and photo editing classes at The Lifelong Learning Center in Missoula, Montana, are now available for registration. I have a full schedule of beginning and intermediate courses designed primarily for people with interchangeable lens cameras (DSLR or mirrorless). Read the descriptions below for more information.
  • Getting to Know Your Digital SLR Camera
  • Better Landscape Photos
  • Creative Camera Techniques
  • Photography Challenge
  • Shooting & Processing Digital Camera Raw Files
I hope you can join me!

    Getting to Know Your Digital SLR Camera

    Use shutter speed to control the appearance of flowing water.
    Skalkaho Falls, Montana
    • Classroom:  Tuesday, 6:30-9pm, September 26-November 14
      Field Shoot:  Saturday, 8:30-11:30am, October 7 & 21
    • Classroom only:  Saturday, 8:30am-5pm,October 14
    • Classroom only:  Saturday, 8:30am-5pm, November 18
    Discover the power of your digital SLR camera in this introductory course. Learn about different exposure modes and when to use them for better focus and exposure in your pictures. Understand the various auto focus settings available and when to use them or switch to manual focus. Discover how to make better use of the built-in flash. Find out about megapixels, histograms and JPEG versus raw file formats. Two Saturday practice sessions are included in the multiple session course. You'll walk away with the skills to make the most of your digital SLR camera. NOTE: To get the most from this class, your camera must have Program, Shutter Priority and Aperture Priority exposure modes. Check your manual to see if these features are listed. Click here to register.

    Better Landscape Photos

    Time of day is important for landscape photos.
    Sunrise, Lake McDonald
    Glacier National Park, Montana
    • Classroom: Thursday, 6:30-8:30pm, September 28-October 19 
    • Field Shoot: Saturday, 5-8pm, September 30-October 7
    Western Montana’s natural beauty inspires many people to photograph the landscape. In this course you find out how to make your scenic pictures as inspiring as the vistas you see. We talk about how lighting, vantage points, and specific camera controls can improve your results. We’ll also discuss easy special effects and camera accessories that will help turn your snapshots into photographs. Two Saturday sunset field shoots give you the chance to apply what you learned. A camera with interchangeable lenses is recommended. Click here to register.

    Creative Camera Techniques

    Intentional motion blur can create interesting photos.
    • Monday, 6:30-8:30pm, September 25-October 30
    Expand your creative photography skills in this course! Review the basics of exposure and contrast. Then experiment with creative techniques such as selective focus and zooming a lens during long exposures. Explore taking pictures after dark and the effect color has on your image. You will leave this class with great pictures and renewed confidence in your photographic abilities. Click here to register.

    Photography Challenge

    Challenge yourself to see photos everywhere!
    • Wednesday, 6:30-8:30pm, September 27-November 8
    This creative class is designed to push your photographic skills to a new level. We explore three types of photography: portrait, landscape and artistic impression. Each week you learn about the type of photography and then make a photograph following those suggestions. You can continue this challenge through an entire year and develop your image making skills as you go. Click here to register.

    Shooting & Processing Digital Camera Raw Files

    Shooting and editing raw files helps you get the most from your photos.
    • Thursday, 6-9pm, October 26-November 16
    If you’ve been curious about what a “camera raw” file is, come explore the creative possibilities of this flexible digital photo format. You learn how raw files differ from JPEG pictures and special shooting techniques for raw files. Then you use Adobe Camera Raw, a conversion program included with Photoshop Elements, to develop your photos for the best possible quality. Click here to register.