Great Photos in the Middle of the Day

If you've read very many articles either online or in books about the best time to photograph outdoors, you have no doubt heard the recommendation to photograph during the "golden hours" around sunrise and sunset. Most of these articles suggest you use the middle of the day to scout or take a nap. But you can make great photos in any kind of light, even that of midday sun.


Midday light can create interesting shadows such as the one cast by this bolt on a rusting old truck.

If you are shooting landscapes, look for scenes that are evenly lit and colorful, such as this cliff along the Columbia River Gorge.

If you shoot macro or close-ups in the middle of the day, you can shade or diffuse the light on the small subject for more complimentary effects.

Because this succulent was so small, I could easily diffuse the midday light in the garden nursery.

And my favorite midday technique is shooting black & white, especially infrared images with a converted digital camera.

Rob Sheppard's recent blog post "The Midday Photo Challenge" has some great suggestions on what and how to photograph when the sun is high in the sky.