Wonders of Raw

All digital cameras capture raw data of the scenes we photograph. But when we tell the camera to save a JPEG version of our shots, the camera adjusts and compresses all that raw data into a (relatively) small, ready-to-use picture. In the process, much of the data about brightness and color is discarded.

If you save your pictures as raw images, you can access and adjust all that additional information and often produce an image with more detail and color yourself. The drawback is that you have to take the time after your shoot to develop the raw file with specialized software such as Adobe Camera Raw or the Develop module in Lightroom. But the time is worth it as this before and after view illustrate.

The raw image file straight from the camera.
The photo is tilted and the mountains overexposed
along with dust spots in the sky and lots of noise.

After processing the picture is straight, color
has been restored to the mountains and the
noise and dust spots retouched.

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