Photograph Falling Snow

Have you ever tried to capture snow as it's falling? Maybe you got a shot that shows the snowfall, but you're not sure how to repeat it. Two things are key to capturing falling flakes: 1) a dark background and 2) a fast shutter speed.

A dark background contrasts with the white snow, revealing the snow moving through the air. Pine trees, a dark building or a person wearing a dark coat can all serve to show the snow.

The dark barn allows the falling flakes to be visible since they disappear
against the snow on the ground and the clouds in the sky.

A fast shutter speed of 1/125 second or 1/250 second stops the snow in mid tumble. Depending on the strength of any wind, some flakes may appear as streaks while others show up as white dots. It depends on their speed and their distance from the camera. Closer flakes blur more than distant ones.

A1/250 second shutter speed recorded the blowing snow
visible against the horse's brown coat.

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