Got a New Camera? Learn How to Use It!

Did you receive a new camera as a gift? Or maybe you already have one but feel like you could do more with it. I'm offering two classes in Missoula, Montana, to help you get comfortable with your equipment, no matter how simple or advanced the model is.

Learning to use the automatic Scene settings
on your camera can improve your winter images.

If you are brand new to your camera and overwhelmed with all the buttons, dials and menus, then start simple with Digital Camera Basics. This is a short Saturday afternoon course on January 13, 2018, that helps you become familiar with the automatic controls and options on your camera. No matter the model, your camera is capable of great photos with a little help from you.

Using a fast shutter speed and a medium ISO
allowed me to capture a sharp image of this Canada goose family.

Beginning Wednesday, January 10, 2018, is Getting to Know Your Digital SLR Camera. This course teaches you how to move off  the auto settings and take control of the picture making process. If you have a camera that allows you to change lenses, you can learn to control motion, focus and exposure in the course. (There's also a one-day version of this class on January 27, 2018.)

Registration at the Lifelong Learning Center is open for both classes, either online, in person or by phone. Join me and learn to use your camera with confidence!