Go for Grain in Black & White

With the invention of digital cameras, we work hard to keep noise to a minimum in our photos. But black and white film photographers often chose and developed film to increase the appearance of film grain for a gritty look. 

If you set the camera's picture style or control to monochrome and use an extremely high ISO setting, you can simulate the appearance of film grain in a digital image. Turning on ISO Expansion and turning off High ISO Noise Reduction creates the most pronounced effect. A camera with a smaller sensor, such as point and shoot or cropped sensor models, makes the noise more noticeable.

ISO 12,800 in monochrome mode on a Canon 7D

Alternatively, you can add a grain effect using filters in Photoshop, Elements or Lightroom in post-production.

Stippled grain filter applied with Photoshop Elements
ISO 100  Monochrome Picture Style  Canon 7D

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