The Color of Snow

In an earlier post, I described the importance of adjusting the camera's exposure settings to get bright, white snow. But that's only part of the solution. Even on sunny days snow can take on a blue tinge, especially at higher elevations.

1/60 second, f/8, ISO 200, +0.7 Exposure, Cloudy White Balance

To take out the blue, experiment with the White Balance setting on your camera. Sun (or Daylight) records the color of light as it is, sometimes rendering snow bluish. Selecting Cloudy or Shade makes the camera add yellow to the picture to counteract the blue. This make the snow appear white.

1/60 second, f/8, ISO 200, +0.7 Exposure, Daylight White Balance

You may need to use both plus (+) exposure compensation and white balance to ensure your snow scenes look their best.

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